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2016 goes out with a bang, 2017 predictions and Bozeman Mutual Locks every game in the NFL

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Me rambling about Grayson Allen, Minnesota Gophers, Bob Stoops & Aaron Hernandez is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas

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WakeyLeaks, NBA's Rest Gate, Russia Mania and the all around awfulness of watching the news

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I tackle the thought process of gun owners, LeBron the bottle flipper and demanding respect

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More NYC mishaps, College Football Playoffs, Give & Go and Bozeman Mutual Locks

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This week I ramble about Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, BCS, Jeff Sessions and answer your Q's on the Give & Go

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This week I share the top 3 reasons why Hillary Clinton lost, the Kaep Report and Richard Sherman plus NFL locks

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The Cubs and Joe Maddon infuriating decisions, why I don't dance and Bozeman Mutual locks

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Arian Foster, The Kaep report, NFL's sagging ratings, awesome Give&GO questions, plus NFL locks

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All Things NBA: Who wins it all, MVP, sleepers, busts, and every team over/under win totals.

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Dope trip to the west coast, Cubs not out of the woods and oh yeah I went 9-1 on my college picks last week!!!

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Trump, Cutler, well done steaks, plus Give & Go and Football locks

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Odell Beckham, Madison Bumgarner, Bozeman Mutual and the most difficult Give&Go question ever

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Shoutout to Kevin Garnett, how the Cubs could win or lose the World Series, Caep Report and Bozeman Mutual

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This week I explain why racism will never end and I defend Jay Cutler. It's a weird episode

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I ramble why Thrifty is the WORST, the Cy Young Race and Bozeman Mutual Locks

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Bozeman Mutual is off to a strong start and I ramble about how to effectively pick out a crew, plus NFL and college locks

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This week I pick the NFL over/under win totals and why I'm going over on Kaepernick and way under on Joe Paterno

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I review the 10 Best College Football bets on the board and I rant about Doc vs Strawberry and our military leaders greatest weakness

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Why baseball players are overrated and why Ryan Lochte is the worst friend.

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This week I rant about the love and hate for A-Rod and my 2 week stay in Canada and universal health care

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I rank my least favorite football player ever as he's inducted into the HOF, plus Winnipeg and dick pics

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This week I ramble about road constructions and Jerry West, plus I answer questions from the Give & Go

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I ramble about Tim Duncan ranks on my all time list, performing in Spokane and why Serena Williams is the GOAT

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Well I was hoping to just talk about Durant, but sadly there's just too much more to say

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If you're stuck behind the grill today then I have the podcast just for you. The end of my 3 day podcast binge has me bringing back the joke topic of the week, Pat Summit and the ridiculous NBA free agency period

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Why LeBron James is top 5, why the NBA draft is better than the NFL, plus D. Rose and and K. Durant

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Game 7 as a father's day gift, Lebron James is Bruce Leroy and thoughts on the shooting in Orlando

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This week I discusses how working at a great Comedy Club improves my well being, plus my thoughts on Ali and the NBA Finals

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This week KB rambles about Kevin Durant, Lebron James, NBA Finals predictions and shares his love for the zoo

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From Baylor Football, NFL Concussions and Fake charities. I ramble how corruption in sports is all just a power/money grab

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Today I celebrate 8 years on Facebook with a rant about Rougned Odor, Steph vs LeBron and naughty Phil Mickelson

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The importance of apologies, I try to self evaluate my stand up comedy and processing the legacy of Tim Duncan

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I ramble about who should actually be on the $20 bill and I give some sporting advice to the republican party

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Why I'm not crazy about the NFL draft, how I think Prince died and how social media creates monsters

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This episode I share my Top 10 Prince songs and thoughts on the NFL draft, fixing the NBA playoffs and North Carolina's toilet law

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I attempt to process Kobe Bryant, the Warriors and answer fan mail

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D'Angelo Russell, Final Four, MLB over/unders and fan's questions

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I review Batman vs Superman, Jessica Jones, talk March Madness and why women's basketball is in bad shape

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I ramble about the mediocrity of NCAA basketball and the grind of stand up comedy plus fan mail

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Hannibal and I talk about becoming famous, Flint and Peyton Manning vs Notorious B.I.G.

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This week I rage about 'offended' audience members at a stand up comedy show. Plus I answer your questions. 

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The Big 'O' rants, Conor McGregor and some amazing Q&A from the fans of the Ball Hog

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I talk about the Peyton Manning scandal, The NBA All Star weekend and I answer questions from the fans of the Ball Hog Podcast

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I ramble about my trip to several Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries and also why i hate College Athletics

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Bozeman Mutual tells you how and to bet this year's game between the Broncos and Panthers

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Rambling about the '85 Bears, Cam Newton and the greatest hash tag ever

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My Bomb Ass NFL Playoff Predictions, why Brady & Belichek are the best ever. Plus I defend Amy Schumer (sort of), and talk Oscars

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NFL playoff picks and why maddening things in sports is just a reflection of society

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Along with predicting the NFL playoffs, I discuss the Baseball Hall of Fame & the significance of Making A Murderer

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