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Stand up comedian Kevin Bozeman takes on sports, pop-culture and politics in a hilarious style that's all his own

The Derek Jeter phenomenon, MLB playoff race, The criminal of the week and of course Vegas NFL week 4 locks all put in "perspective"

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Adrian Peterson All Day. Baseball Playoff race. NFL and College Football Vegas Locks of the week!!!

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Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy, The Atlanta Hawks, Oscar Pistorius, and NFL locks of the week. Is covered all in one hour.

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Wes Welker on that Molly, Wedding Vowels, The Athlete Criminal of the Week and of course Week 1 of the NFL season Vegas predictions.

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This week's podcast focuses on the fans expectation of the professional athlete, self reflection and also handicaps the NFC over/under win total, along with the Athlete Criminal of the Week 

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