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Sometimes I gotta know when to shut the f*ck up, the difference between arguing & discussing. NFL/College locks

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Mayor Pete, Thanksgiving Weekend, NFL/College locks

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The Kaepernick Chronicles. James Harden, NFL/College Vegas Locks

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Hot takes on Myles Garrett, The Houston Astros, NBA and Vegas NFL/College locks. Get 'em while they're hot!!!

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Kawhi, Barry Sanders, Steve Kerr and NFL/College vegas locks are part of my rambles this week

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The Washington Nationals, Durant, Revenge Porn and NFL/College Vegas locks

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Jordan, Clippers, Brady, Astros/Nats and NFL/College vegas locks

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The Best Bets in the NBA. Who wins the championship, who'll be MVP, the 6 best players in the league and a new edition to my Top 5

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The Bears overrated defense, the Dodgers choke job. Plus I review the Joker film and College/NFL Vegas Locks

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Paying College Athletes, Amber Guyger, NFL & College football Vegas Locks!!!

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This week I ramble on why the ESPN Top 100 NBA players list is trash. Univ of Kansas and NFL and College locks

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Then return of the Give and Go. Bozeman Mutual Locks and why the NFL is a very bad product.

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Antonio Brown, U.S. men's basketball, Vegas college and NFL locks

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The world's greatest sports handicapper, tries to improve upon his 4-0 mark with solid College and NFL game 1 wagers. Plus thoughts on Antonio Brown and Chappelle's new special 

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The Best NFL Bets of the season. Plus I ramble on chic sandwiches Luck, Zeke, Kobe and Jay-Z

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The best bets for the college football season and bets to stay away from. Plus the best tandems in the NBA. 

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Top 5 NBA teams. Jerry West does it again. Who to wager against in 2019/20. Why Megan Rapinoe is my favorite athlete.

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This week I ramble about small town USA. Kawhi to the Lakers? KD's Free Agency. The Democratic Debate and a very sad criminal athlete of the week

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My current top 5 NBA players, The rise of the Pelicans and other shenanigans

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KD's injury. St.Louis Blues. The need to step up father's Day 

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I ramble about the NBA Finals, Steph Curry, the dangers of traveling and the return of The Criminal Athlete of The Week

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I ramble about the NBA Finals, who wins, how to wager it. I also give thoughts on Mueller, Congress and Foul Balls

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I ramble about the Kevin Durant/Steph Curry dynamic. Drake. Why the Bucks should be worried and John Daly

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I discuss your most overrated athlete, the NY Jets, Alabama and the fight for the throne of the NBA

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The best players in the NBA battle for the throne. Ayesha Curry and the worst year ever in sports continues

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Houston/Golden State, U of Arizona, NFL Under/Over locks

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Why this is the worst year ever in sports. The NFL Draft. Tiger Woods and Morning Radio.

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Why Golden State won't win the championships, you don't have to be smart to win Jeopardy & breaking down the Mueller Report from the Give & Go

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The senseless killing of Nipsey Hussle. The greatness of Gronk. Plus the top 6 players in the NBA right now!!!

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You asked about the NFL rule changes, Kareem Hunt and The Mueller report and I gave the answers plus the awesomeness that is MLB

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I explain why Duke won't win the NCAA Championship. Baseball over/under locks and what's wrong with the Celtics

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I use all of the mystical powers that NYC has to offer to break down, Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown and what's ailing the Lakers

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I ramble about my time in Montana, how airlines set us up to fail, LeBron's passing MJ and Monique being blackballed in Hollywood

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I ramble about Zion, Machado, Smollett and the Mueller Report 

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I rambles about the NFL collusion case, The NBA MVP, Emergency Walls and etc. etc.

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This week I ramble about the old school Milwaukee Bucks, Virginia Governor, Todd Gurley and NBA trade deadline

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Who wins the Super Bowl. Best bets, Value bets, Crazy Bets. The Gamblers Edition (Addiction)

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This week I rage about the NFL playoff debacle and how to fix it. The Baseball HOF and how to wager on the NBA

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I ramble about my new album coming out, NFL Playoffs, R. Kelly, Louis CK and Barstool Sports!!!

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Despite being alone in a city without having an ID or credit card. I'm still loaded with opinions. NFL Playoffs, Harden, This, R. Kelly and stupid stuff people say

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Breaking down the College Championship and NFL playoffs, telling you how far my Chicago Bears will go!!!

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