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Happy Holidays to all of my subscribers and listeners of the Ball Hog Podcast, catch up on old episodes, see you next week

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I ramble about Yoda being the weak link, Pete Rose, Pittsburgh Steelers and NFL Vegas Locks

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Trump, Rahm, Curry (no it's not Indian cuisine) and NFL Locks

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Chad Daniels and I share our drunken tales and talk gambling, enjoy!!!

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Golden State assault on the NBA's All-Time best record, Peyton Manning bout to lose his job and NFL Vegas Locks

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Thoughts on Mizzou, angry athletes, and NFL/College Locks, plus a little shot out to Paris

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Life is still good as the 1st week of November is loaded with great sporting events 

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This week i discuss the best athletes that are currently playing and why this week is so great!!! 

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The Louisville scandal, NBA Eastern Conference over/under win totals and College/NFL locks. I cover it all in less than 1 glorious hour

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I talk an amazing week of sports, cuz that's what I do and I talk about an insanely disturbing criminal athlete of the week

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This week I taped a TV show, got into a text war, ate at a crappy buffet and I still have NFL locks of the week

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This episode I'm literally yelling about all the stupid stuff people did this week, that means you, James Harden, Steve Rannazzisi and the New York Giants. Plus NFL locks. 

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This week I talk about hosting a wedding proposal, my stay in LA and of course 9/11, all wrapped around the return of the NFL

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I review Straight Outta Compton,The Derrick Rose situation and i handicap the NFC South all for your listening pleasure

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Pre-season football, Fogle, Jenner, Ashley Madison and the Cincy Brew HaHa

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I celebrate my 1st anniversary with my very 1st guest sports radio legend Mike North

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I talk about my apperance on Last Comic Standing, The Nicki Minaj/Taylor Swift Beef and jonesing for football

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A legit reason to hate theDallas Cowboys, the difference between governance and politics and why it's a great time to be a sports fan

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Confederate Flags, Cosby, Schumer and a very tough decision for the top criminal athlete of the week

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This week I General Manage, Dukes of Hazzard, your favorite sport teams, your shitty life and I seek answers from my beloved president

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I break down the NBA draft, my time in Cleveland, the Confederate Flag and the the most surprising Criminal Athlete of the week ever

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KB rambles about how a smalltown changed his point of view, and gives mad props to the Warriors and Blackhawks 

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Excited to be back in Madison, another NAACP screw up, why tipping is racist and LeBron James the porn star!!!

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I'm going in on Cavs/Warriors, Caitlyn, FIFA and the most disgusting Criminal athlete of the Week ever!!!

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After a night of heavy gambling and drinking, I decide to record my podcast, I have no more words.

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In this episode, I just want people to explain the stupid shit they say!!!

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Why the Patriots are happy that Tom Brady is suspended, how i develop a stand-up routine and why I brag about being a good father

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I'm going in on Tom Brady, Pacquiao, Greece (again) and those hated Clevelnad Cavaliers

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This week i ramble about Bruce jenner, Mayweather vs Pacquiao and Greece going bankrupt.

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The revenge of Mother Earth, Drone casualties and the NBA Playoffs

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Aaron Hernandez highlights my all bat shit crazy team, my new hero Britt Mchenry and i predict the NBA Playoffs

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I'm ranting on Duke, the state of college hoop, the NBA MVP and the boys and blue (cops) are at it again

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Breaking down the Final 4, Indiana's new law and the Trevor Noah controversy

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I breakdown the NCAA tournament, how to make LA a better place and the creepiest of creeps, Darren Sharper

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Even in it's mediocrity, the NCAA Tournament is still a thing of beauty, plus I debate with myself if Kenytucky is the best team ever

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Drunken Chip Kelly, Running Backs, SAE fraternity, Ferguson, ADHD and so much more

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In this episode my waning love for Chicago spurs a rant on LeSean McCoy, Dexter, and building a winning sports franchise

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The best soup ever, Derrick Rose, Sean Penn and a mayor named Chuy

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I rant about The Conspiracy Theory that no one talks about, the return of bacon all while analyzing the NBA trades

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Valentine's Day, Kanye, Little league Baseball and Cheaters highlight this weekend of love

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Brian Williams, Being called the N-Word at my show and a Super Bowl recap

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Tom Brady, Marshawn Lynch, the proper way to wager on the Super Bowl and legalizing prostitution

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Tom Brady, State of the Union and straight up rambling!!!

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Terrorists Attacks, Typical Romo, Some white dude named Oscar and Robert Konrad the Great!!!

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Stuart Scott, Charlie Hebdo, Lions/Cowboys, Kanye/McCartney and the importance of not staying status quo

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Resolutions, Rodgers vs Watt, Defending Florida St. and NFL Playoff Predictions

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