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The Ball Hog Podcast

Oct 31, 2014

Happy Halloween.

This maybe my best Podcast yet. San francisco Giants, the start of the NBA season, Charles Barkley, a new criminal athlete of the week and I go big with my Vegas College and NFL locks 

Oct 24, 2014

Renee Zellweger and her "smashing" new look, highlights this episode of what is acceptable and unacceptable, when it comes to make overs. Joke topic of the week, an entire university wins the Criminal of the week. NBA predictions and NFL Vegas Locks of the week. BOOM!!!

Oct 17, 2014

Kevin Bozeman talks about the necesary changes the NBA and NFL made to stay successful. Kevin also fixes the Republican Party as well as his Vegas locks of the week. Throw in the Top 25 Ballers ever (16-11) and the dumbest criminal athlete of the week ever and we have ourselves a jam packed episode.

Oct 10, 2014

The best organizaton in sports, Top 25 NBA players not named MJ (20-16), Aaron hernandez Criminal athlete of the week and Vegas Locks of the week

Oct 3, 2014

The highly anticipated 25 best players in the history of the NBA not named Michael Jordan headlines this topic filled episode along with the Louisiana 3some, Aaron Hernandez criminal of the week award and as always NFL vegas locks of the week. This one is not to be missed